Monday, February 18, 2008

What a Whirlwind

This past weekend was quite the whirlwind, and I honestly didn't have the time to even think about blogging (I was doing so good there for a while too...)

Friday night husby and I had friends over for dessert and games. We played Scattegories, and boy oh boy was that interesting. My favorite answer for the night was when we rolled the letter B and the clue was "Something you keep hidden", and a friend of ours put "Bamboo". When his answer was questioned, he was quick to reply quite seriously "You know, if you have a pet panda, you would need to hide all of your bamboo." Needless to say, it was an amusing night all around.

On Saturday Jonathan's brother came through town and we were able to meet with him for supper. It was nice getting to do that, since we don't get to see his family as often as we would like to.

Sunday was full of preparations for church and, of course, church itself. It was a really great service, and our pastor spoke on giving. It's always good to be reminded of how blessed we truly are...and Sunday morning was definitely one of those times for me.

And then Sunday night (last night) we went to P.F.Chang's to celebrate a friend's birthday. We had a great time with everyone (although I have to say I was a little disappointed with the food...not as great as I was expecting.)

So, there you have it...our weekend in a nutshell. Although it was crazy busy, it was great getting to spend time with good friends and family. Plus, it was nice to get out and socialize after being sick for so long! :)


Russell Rodden said...

Sounds fun. I'm sorry I missed out on the PF Changs. I'm sure you guys still had fun. You know as much as you update, Zajas had better have a grand slam update in the works...

J. Randolph Turpin, D.Min. said...

Hello daughter! It looks like you had a pretty good Sunday. We missed you guys around here. I feel like I'm getting over the flu, so maybe our house will be safe for your return very soon!

Love ya!