Sunday, February 10, 2008

In Sickness and in Health

This week I have been battling a lot of sickness (once again), which may be due to all of the vaccines that I had this week for our upcoming Guatemala trip (the shots had the possibility of giving flu-like side effects...and that's what I've got). So, needless to say, I've been a little under the weather lately.

On Friday night, being oh-so-thankful that I didn't have to go to any classes or work for a couple of days, my dear husband told me to lay down and rest while he made me supper. That melted my heart, I thanked him profusely (with the little voice that I had left, due to my sore throat) and I went to lay down on the couch.

After getting to rest for a while, I woke up and dinner was ready. And there, my friends, on the table were some of my favorite foods. Husby had made Red Hot chicken (mmmm...this is AMAZING, and I am going to blog about it soon in a "Favorite Things" post, don't you worry), macaroni and cheese (anything with lots of cheese in it is a favorite of mine), and broccoli (yummy and good for you!). I was pretty satisfied after that delicious meal. Thank you, husby!

We were supposed to go out on a date Friday night (we always try to have at least one date night a week...where we don't let anything distract us from each other), but since I was sick Jonathan suggested having a stay-at-home date night. I wholeheartedly agreed!

We decided it would be fun to finally order pictures for a couple of frames we had yet to fill. (Yes, we have been married for 6 months, but it has been a busy 6 months, and we have yet to finish all of the apartment-settling-in that we want to do.) So, we grabbed our big collage style picture frame, and sat around the computer to begin looking at wedding pictures to put into it (with the playlist from our wedding reception playing in the background).

That, my friends, was a wonderful night of walking down memory lane (even though it was only 6 months ago, we can still walk down it.) And it was a productive date night too, because we now have wedding pictures up in our living room (and it makes me oh-so-happy.)

Even though I have spent this weekend battling sickness, it has been a wonderful time, because I've been able to spend it with my husband. And I couldn't be more thankful.


Dr. J. Randolph Turpin said...

Jonathan is a great guy. I'm glad that he takes care of you the way that he does.

May the Lord give you healing and sustained health my daughter!


Leash said...

Oh, Tiffany, you're not alone with these sicknesses, but I hope that you get well just the same.

You're a blessed sister, though! I love you, and hope that you'll get well soon!

~Baby Cow

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Friend, I'm sick too!

What I'm trying to say is: I need a husband, too!

Love the picture! I want to see the apartment sometime soon.

Mom said...


Hope you get to feeling better soon!



Tiffany Zajas said...

Thanks for all of the prayers and "get better soon"s

@ Amy Beth: I'm sorry you're feeling sick too! That's no fun...I hope you start feeling better as well. And yes, I think you should come see the apartment soon (once I'm over this sickness and all the sickly germs are gone.)