Monday, February 4, 2008

Movie Mondays: Suburban Girl

On one of our recent stay-at-home date nights, husby and I decided to go to Blockbuster and see if we could find a good movie to watch. We didn't have a particular one in mind, so we spent quite some time browsing the aisles looking for something that may be worth watching.

Since we've watched quite a few action and thriller movies lately, I was in a (rare) mood to watch a chick flick. I mentioned this to Jonathan, and he graciously agreed, and said that he'd watch any movie that I picked out.

Suddenly, the pressure of having to make the choice on my own made me feel a bit woozy, and I believe at that moment in time...I lost my good judgment. And because of this momentary loss of good judgment, I picked up Suburban Girl from the shelf. I had never seen the preview for this movie before (red flag #1), and had never even heard of it (red flag #2). BUT there was a huge shelf that contained many copies of Suburban Girl and most of them were gone, so I came to the conclusion that, "Hey! Lots of people have rented this movie, so it must be a good one!" We read the back of the movie case, and the description sounded interesting...

So, my dear readers, we rented Suburban Girl. And at that moment in time, our fate (for the evening) was sealed...

Imminent doom.

From the first two minutes of the movie, we were thoroughly confused as to where this movie was going. Normally, when you're trying to create a good plot, you at least attempt to catch your viewer's interest. But in the first two minutes of the movie, all we saw was this girl walking down the streets of New York while editing a manuscript.

And I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of the movie.

For a movie that is described as a romantic comedy, I was highly disappointed, because it was neither romantic nor comedic. The plot was not firm, and went in way too many different directions. For fear of spoiling the movie for anyone out there who may want to see it (although I highly advise against it), I will just give it to you in a nutshell:

Basically, Suburban Girl is about a young woman (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who has high ambitions to be an editor. But instead of pursuing those ambitions on her own, she ends up dating and eventually moving in with an experienced editor (Alec Baldwin), who is twice her age. It is a story of self-discovery which happens through a series of mishaps and ultimately being mistreated and cheated on by her elderly boyfriend.

When the movie was over with (after cleaning up all of the hair I had pulled out of my head), we were wondering why we had just wasted 90 minutes of our lives. 90 minutes that we can never get back.

Dear readers, I have a feeling that I will be watching nothing but action and thriller movies for the rest of my life...for I fear that Jonathan will never again trust me to be the movie picker-outer.

P.S. I later found out that this movie never made it to theaters. If I had known that piece of information beforehand, that would have been red flag #3, and I believe that I would not be here telling you this tragic tale.


Russell Rodden said...

Red Flag #4- Alec Baldwin.


Tiffany Zajas said...

Haha, yes. You are so right, Russell!

Sara Noel said...

Thank you for the warning, roomie =)

Julie said...

LOL. I know that was painful but it's funny to ready about after the fact. :) Thanks for the warning!