Thursday, October 18, 2007

A much needed break

Fall Break is finally here, and it couldn't have come at a better time. The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy for Jonathan and I (for Jonathan especially) as far as school goes. Lots of midterms, projects, and tests. But now, we have a nice long weekend free from homework!

Last night was a good start to our break. We had my family (The Turpin tribe) over for dinner and to watch Heroes. We had so much fun! It was definitely a different experience having my family over to our apartment for dinner. Jonathan and I made dinner for them, and everyone loved it. Then, we all sat down to watch the newest episode of Heroes! (Moriah watched Spiderman: The Animated Series in the other room). I really enjoy spending time with those folks. :) They're favorites.

After the fam left, Jonathan and I tackled the copious amount of dishes left over from dinner (I really admire my mom for being a mother of 5 kids). Then...Jonathan and I went to Bruster's for icecream! Every time I go get icecream, I have to laugh at myself, because I take forever to decide on what flavor I want. We then took our icecream to Lee, and walked around the beautiful, deserted campus. We hadn't done that in quite a while (besides walking to classes). When we were dating, that was a frequent pastime of ours. Walking around and sitting on park benches having good conversation brought back many good memories.

I love breaks.

I love family.

I love having a partner to do dishes with.

I love icecream.

I love park benches.

I love my husband.

Now, on to see what the rest of this break holds for us! :)


JonathanZ said...

Yeah, take forever choosing a flavor only to choose what you always get. Sheesh ;)

Definitely a much needed break.

Tiffany Zajas said...'re right. I often resort back to what icecream I know is good. Next time I'm going to try different! (maybe...) :)

Anonymous said...

Tiff, you are so awesome! I loved reading something you wrote about how, there are weeks, months and years in between seeing so many of your friends, and when you finally get to spend time with them it seems that nothing has changed.. (even though there are so many new things happening in all of our lives!!) Now your married, christin and danielle.. so there is me now.. I am not in any hurry though at all. I love you girl! I am truly blessed to have you as a friend <3

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment you also left me on myspace! <3 terah

Coop said...

So what is the flavor she chooses all the time?

Tiffany Zajas said...

Toffee Bar Crunch. But this last time I got it, it didn't have as much toffee crunch goodness in it. It was more or less just a yummy vanilla with a couple pieces of toffee in it.

So, I think I'm going to get something different next time.

I like my icecream.