Thursday, October 11, 2007

I want this shirt

I just saw a picture of a friend of mine who lives up in the Maryland/DC area...and she was wearing a shirt similar to this one, and I want it.

"Why?" you ask?

No, I'm not a Maryland fan.

The reason I like this shirt so much is because my nickname with some of my friends around here is "Turtle". This came into being when Jonathan and I first met, and his guy friends were trying to think of a "code" name for me (haha). So their logic in my nickname? My last name was Turpin...which is kinda like Maryland's mascot the Terrapins...which is a species of turtle. So I have been "Turtle" or "The Turtle" ever since. A couple of friends (i.e. Thorne and Russell) only call me this. I'm pretty sure they refuse to call me by my real name. It's awesome.

So, that is why this shirt is so awesome.

The end. :)

P.S. I just ate my salad with a spoon, because I forgot to pack a fork. I often laugh at Jonathan, because he sometimes eats his icecream with a fork. And now, I give him permission to laugh at me...because I just ate my salad with a spoon. And it was not easy.


Coop said...

If you want the shirt that bad you can just order one on the internet.

Tiffany Zajas said...

You're right, I could order one on the internet. And I might just do that someday. But right now there are other things I can spend my money on.