Friday, November 30, 2007


I'm sure that many of you are familiar with the strikes that have been going on lately. One with the Broadway Stagehands in NYC, and the other with the Writer's Guild.

Thankfully, the Broadway Stagehand strike has come to a close, with the producers and stagehands arriving at a sound compromise. It's too soon to really tell how much this strike has damaged Broadway, but most shows are completely sold out for the weekend, which is a great sign that show biz in NY is jumping to its feet!

However, the Writer's Guild Strike doesn't seem as though it will be resolved as quickly. With 12,000 members being involved in this four-week old strike, writer's continue to reject the networks' proposals for a resolution. The networks really aren't offering the writers a fair compensation for the material they provide.

So, the strike continues. And as much as I support The Arts and their rights, this still saddens me. Heroes, Lost, and The Office are all shows that I really enjoy, and they are all shows that will have their normal seasons cut-off early this year, due to lack of material. I was shocked to see that The Office is already playing re-runs. And next Monday I plan on wearing black to mourn the end of the second season of Heroes.

I foresee there being a nauseating excess of reality shows playing on all of the networks.

Or maybe people will go back to reading books.


Jonathan said...

Pssh... books. That requires effort, awesome quote from an interview with Kurt Vonnegut on the 'death of the novel': "I’ve said that to open a novel is to arrive in a music hall and be handed a viola. You have to perform. [Laughs.] To stare at horizontal lines of phonetic symbols and Arabic numbers and to be able to put a show on in your head, it requires the reader to perform. If you can do it, you can go whaling in the South Pacific with Herman Melville, or you can watch Madame Bovary make a mess of her life in Paris. With pictures and movies, all you have to do is sit there and look at them and it happens to you."

hehe, made me chuckle anyway.

Julie said...

I'm all for reading books because I totally agree that reality shows are nauseating.

Chris said...

Books are good... but it is hard to imagine some of the stuff that Michael or Dwight (The Office) does by just reading it... tis sorely missed :-(

Tiffany Zajas said...

I too love reading books. I'm looking forward to possibly having more time (hopefully) to read during Christmas break. I do plenty of reading during the school year...but most of it is for school. It's nice to be able to read "just for fun."

But yes...I miss The Office, and will soon be missing Heroes.